RJ World is an online conference bringing people together from restorative justice and restorative practice initiatives from across the world. Presenters share pre-record interviews and guests can watch them on-demand throughout eConference and interact through each speaker’s page.


RJ World is presented by a coalition of the world’s leading restorative justice organisations

RJ World 2020 eConference is titled: Vision, Voices and Values. Presenters will share a 30-45 minute video or team-up with colleagues to record a zoom discussion of their topic.

VISION: Fresh insights – future opportunities or threats in your lived experience of restoration and justice. What are your questions, learnings and applied experience that enhance the global or local discussion about restorative practice in your field?

VOICES: Your voice and the voice of people in your community. Tell the stories of your local and national experience. What is unique or universal in your context. Share, compare and connect. Show us your work, case studies, colleagues or mentors.

VALUES: How do the values of restorative justice enhance your practice, research and lived experience of justice. Where do you see gains or losses of principles and richness in your area of research and experience?

Contact coordinator Martin Howard for further information.

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