Keynote Schedule

Each day's keynotes will feature on the Keynote Stage for the full day. You can also watch them and respond on the speaker's individual page.

Monday 24 August

Tuesday 25 August

Wednesday 26 August

Thursday 27th August

Janine Carroll Jo Berry Charlotte Calkin The Meeting
Urvashi Tilak Christopher Straker Eric Rainey Ailbhe Griffith
Geovana Faza Rita Valente Dr Upneet Lalli Marie Keenan
Leslie de Meulles Marg Thorsborne Terence Bevington Ackerman / Sardina
Leaf Seligman Ian Marder Graziella Fourez Claudia Christen-schneider

Friday 28th August

Saturday 29th August

Sunday 30th August

Monday 31st August

Jonathan Peter Clayton Michelle Stowe Rick Kelly Sandra Pavelka
Razwana Begum Leaf Seligman Colleen L. Pawlychka Bonnie Weppler
Adam Voigt Dave Vinegrad Lisa Rea Don John Omale
Mark Spain Claudia L. Villavicencio Laura Mooiman Annemieke Wolthuis
Zulfiya Tursunova Wayne Northey Lindsey Pointer Simone Grigoletto
Sá Rebelo & Hein  Kerri Quinn Jee Aei Lee Frauke Petzold
Margot Van Sluytman  Sri Ram Timilsina Paulo Moratelli

Scheduled Q&A Times

In addition to the video presentations, some speakers will hold live Zoom Q&A sessions. See each speaker's page for details. Here is the schedule for Q&As...


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