Speaker List

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Robbie Robidoux

At the age of seven, in 1960, I was removed from my family through the court, and sent to a Boys’ Training School under government control. I became a ward of the Ontario (Canada) government until 21. That began my journey through the Canadian Correctional Enterprise: the Jungle. I eventually landed in the “Big House”, the oldest Canadian prison: The Kingston Penitentiary. I’m one of the very few who made it alive and/or got and stayed out!


Wayne Northey

Director of one of the first formal Restorative Justice Programs in the world. Known as The Kitchner Experiment I was immediately hooked on RJ–and have been writing and publishing about it ever since. In a series of publications of those collected writings (3 books to date). https://waynenorthey.com/





Marit de Haan

Marit de Haan is a PhD researcher at the Human Rights Centre of Ghent University (Belgium). She conducts research on the perceptions and needs of justice of the victims of the Chilean military dictatorship. Her main areas of interest are restorative justice, transitional justice and victimology. Habib Nassar is the director of Policy and Research at Impunity Watch. He has extensive experience in working with victim groups and is a leading expert on justice and accountability in Syria.


Motus Theater
United States

Motus Theater (Colorado, U.S.A.) creates original theater to facilitate dialogue on critical issues of our time. We work with people on the frontlines of violence in America to create autobiographical monologues. We then partner with prominent Americans and law enforcement to stand in the shoes of Motus monologists by reading aloud their stories on stage and in podcast formats to increase awareness, shift attitudes, and inspire action towards a more equitable and just country.


Mugdha Sukhramani

I am a final year law student at Christ (Deemed to be University), Bangalore, India. I am also working as a Social Worker and Documentation Associate at Counsel to Secure Justice, Delhi. My interest areas include criminology and criminal justice, and I intend to pursue my masters in the same. I have done varied socio-legal internships in the area, and have been closely associated with research on prison systems and sentencing policies. I have also supported advocacy initiatives.


Ram Tiwari
  Ram Tiwari is the Founder Chair of Nepal Forum for Restorative justice. He has been involved in introducing Nepal’s maiden restorative justice projects, and has been developing restorative justice programs in post-conflict settings, sexual and gender-based violence, juvenile justice and trafficking in persons.
Dr Jane Bolitho

I am an academic at UNSW Sydney with a restorative practices research focus. Originally trained as a psychologist, I have government experience in the evaluation of justice programs and am also an accredited mediator. This year I’ve enjoyed the challenge of teaching my RJ course online, the advocacy and education work I’m doing with the Cicada Project (see presentation) and writing a new paper on RJ sexual violence data based on a completed empirical project on post-sentencing RJ in NSW.


Leslie de Meulles

My name is Leslie de Meulles. I am a sole practitioner operating my own practice (LDM Law) in Whitehorse, Yukon, working primarily with self-governing First Nations on matters related to modern treaty implementation. My work focuses on creating the laws, institutions and governance practices that revitalize traditional and restorative practices and promote strong Indigenous nations. My work also includes negotiating justice agreements that would see full control devolved to Indigenous Nations in all aspects of the administration of justice.


Jonathan Clayton
South Africa

I’m Presenting the Restorative Justice and Victim Offender Dialogue Process in Correctional Facilities over the last 21 years. Our incarcerated people committed extremely evil and brutal crimes. Many serve a life sentence. Our 70 hour process with a group of 28 offenders at a time is extremely helpful in terms of Responsibility, The truth, remorse, accountability regarding the impact of the crime on victims and the community. Restorative Justice is need for incarcerated people. They meet with their real victims/families.


Sri Ram Timilsina

Sri Ram Timilsina , Nonviolent Communication(NVC) Practitioner, Local Professional for Civil Peace Service Program/ Propublic from Nepal, living and sharing NVC in schools and communities for connection, collaboration, healing, restoration, peace and justice.


Konina Mandal

Konina Mandal is an Assistant Lecturer at Jindal Global Law School, O.P Jindal Global University, India. Her research interests include criminology and criminal justice, criminal laws and corrections. She will be co-presenting with Anwesha Panigrahi, Assistant Professor at ICFAI Law School,Hyderabad, India.


Anwesha Panigrahi

Anwesha Panigrahi is presently positioned as an Assistant Professor at ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad, India. She has an LLM in Criminal Justice, Family and Social Welfare. Her research interests include criminal justice, prison jurisprudence and prison laws, corrections, criminal laws and procedure. She will be co-presenting with Ms. Konina Mandal.


Dr Terry Savage

Dr Terry Savage is a researcher with the University of Leuven, in Belgium; an educator specializing in online and blended learning options; and a practitioner who worked as the UN’s Reparations Policy Advisor in Nepal and is currently cooperating with the German aid agency, GIZ, and Civil Peace Service in northern Iraq.


Bonnie Weppler

Bonnie Weppler is the Executive Director of the Church Council on Justice and Corrections (CCJC) in Ottawa, Canada. CCJC’s mandate is to promote education on restorative justice and to sponsor initiatives to build healthier and safer communities. Bonnie holds an MA degree from Saint Paul University Ottawa. Prior to moving to Ottawa, Bonnie lived and worked, for over a decade, in three locations in Papua New Guinea. Bonnie lives with her 14 year old pitbull mix dog.


Tomas Hardiman

Producer of ‘The Meeting’ , a feature film based on a true story of Restorative Justice in Ireland.


Janine Carroll
United Kingdom

Janine Carroll is Director of Restorative Now, a training and culture-change organisation, focusing upon the implementation of sustainable restorative practice across a variety of settings. Restorative Now works internationally across Europe, South East Asia and Australasia, within the criminal justice, education, police, social work, housing and community agency sectors. Janine Carroll has 30 years’ experience in the restorative practice field, with accredited Trainer and Practitioner status with the Restorative Justice Council UK, and the European Forum for Restorative Justice.


Thea Deakin-Greenwood

I am a community lawyer in Australia working mainly with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, in both community settings and in connection to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Assault. I am working with Dr Jane Bolitho to develop a community-based RJ response to sexual violence. In 2019 I was awarded Churchill Fellowship to investigate victim-oriented restorative justice practices around the world.


Prof. Grazia Mannozzi

Presenters: Grazia Mannozzi: full professor of Criminal law and Restorative Justice at University of Insubria (Italy); director of Restorative Justice and Mediation Study Centre (CeSGReM); former Chair of the EFRJ Working Group on Restorative City. Gian Luigi Lepri: Research fellow on Restorative Justice programme. Current Chair of the EFRJ Working Group on Restorative City. Chiara Perini: associate professor of Criminal law and Restorative Justice at University of Insubria (Italy).


Prerna Barua

My name is Prerna and I am currently a Graduate Student at the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University, pursuing a Master’s degree in Conflict Transformation. I also work as a Graduate research assistant for the Zehr Institute of RJ. Currently, I’m interning with the Ahimsa Collective and the Counsel to Secure Justice.


Malini Laxminarayan

Malini Laxminarayan is a project officer at the European Forum for Restorative Justice in Belgium. She has worked on many projects related to (access to) restorative justice, victim rights, empowerment of sexual violence victims and transitional justice. Currently Malini is working on the project LetsGoByTalking: Protecting and defending the rights of victims of anti-LGBT hate crimes – Innovative paths through restorative justice.


Prof. Don John Omale

Don John O. Omale PhD is a British Chevening Scholar of Criminology; and Professor of Criminology at the Federal University Wukari Taraba State, Nigeria. He holds BSc Psychology (University of Nigeria, Nsukka), MSc Criminology (University of Leicester, UK) and PhD Criminology with specialism in Restorative Justice & Victimology at the Centre for Community and Criminal Justice, De-Montfort University Leicester, England, UK. He is an Advisory Board Member to Restorative Justice International, USA; and UNODC Expert on Restorative Justice.


Annegrete Johanson Estonia   I am from Estonia. I work as service manager in Victim support and my responsibility is RJ and mediation. One field is to develope system of RJ volunteers. I have studied social work, social pedagogy and child care. Over 14 years I have worked with youth at risk in different fields and gave lecture in the University. https://player.vimeo.com/video/445369107
Jo Berry
United Kingdom

I founded a charity, ‘Building Bridges for Peace’ in 2009 as a response to my Father being killed in a terrorist attack in 1984 in the UK. I am an international speaker and facilitator to create a peaceful restorative culture in the world. I share my story of becoming friends with the ex IRA combatant who planted the bomb. I am a restorative justice facilitator and work with young people, empowering them to be positive change-makers.


Talma Shultz
United States

Talma developed and facilitated education programs in non-profit and government organizations for 25 years. She integrates neuroscience, psychology, pedagogy and the arts grounded in equity and inclusion. She has led leadership workshops with youth and developed curricula integrating the arts and restorative practices including circles in schools. Co-presenter Penny S. Bryan led graduate leadership programs at Chapman University for 25 years. Currently she edited two books on Arts Based research and has led and participated in circles for 8 years.


Jee Aei Lee

Ms.Jee Aei (Jamie) Lee is a Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, where she focuses on promoting restorative justice in criminal matters and the effective use of alternatives to imprisonment. Prior to the UN, she represented victims of domestic violence and human trafficking in criminal, immigration and family law proceedings as an attorney at Sanctuary for Families, the largest non-profit organization in New York City serving such clients.


Moana Emett
New Zealand

Moana Emett is the Professional Leader of a five year project at the University of Waikato, funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Education, to introduce restorative practices to over 300 schools (Early Childhood, Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools) in New Zealand under the Positive Behaviour for Learning Restorative Practices project (PB4L RP). Moana works with a highly experienced team leading the implementation of RP in growing and strengthening communities of learning including staff, students and whānau (families).


Gavin Zhou
New Zealand

I am the Communications Officer for Restorative Practices Aotearoa in New Zealand. I will be co-presenting with Annie Pinchen. She is a Researcher & Special Projects Manager for Restorative Practices Aotearoa.


James Waller

My main area of expertise arises from years of learned personal experience of the Australian judicial system and the devastating fallout from that which has generated a passion for faith based restorative Justice. I have worked with people involved with Victims Of Child Abuse Laws and with the present generation of stolen children. I have conducted immense research and written 20 books over the last two decades into what I have denominated grace-based or relational and restorative Justice.


Claudia Christen

Claudia Christen-Schneider holds an MSc in criminology and criminal justice from the University of Portsmouth, in England, and studied Restorative Justice at SFU in Canada. She’s also a certified mediator and the founder and president of the Swiss RJ Forum. She’s very active in promoting restorative justice in Switzerland and also involved in EFRJ’s values & standards committee.


Tom Shaw
United Kingdom

My current role includes being a teacher, researcher and senior leader. I lead on developing character, restorative approaches and peace education at Carr Manor Community School in Leeds, UK. In addition I have recently been part of developing the www.restoreourschools.com project and also work with others schools in the UK to develop their relational and restorative practice.


Dr Angela Monell
United States

Dr. Angela Monell is a native of Prince George’s County Maryland and has resided in Winston Salem, NC for six years. As an educator, her passion for students is evident in her daily work as an Assistant Principal. She believes that when given the opportunity and coaching, students will gain invaluable skills in restoring, rebuilding, and effectively communicating. As she works with students on a secondary level, she believes this is a game-changer for students’ social-emotional growth.


Dr Anna Matczak

(joint presentation) Dr. Anna Matczak, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands Dr. Simone Grigoletto, Adjunct Professor, University of Padua, Italy


Dr Simone Grigoletto

Simone Grigoletto is a post-doc researcher in Social Innovation at Area Science Park. He is working on a theoretical expansion of the Restorative Approach beyond the Penal Justice system. His further research interests deal with the major issues in contemporary moral philosophy. Other than Restorative Justice, he is the author of publications on supererogation, moral excellence and moral exemplarism.


Prof. Jennifer Llewellyn

Professor of Law, Yogis and Keddy Chair in Human Rights Law and Donald R. Sobey Chair in Restorative Justice at the Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia Canada. Director of the Restorative Research, Innovation and Education Lab and the International Learning Community for a Restorative Approach. Research and work focused in areas of relational theory and a restorative approach, human rights, peacebuilding, truth and reconciliation, justice transformation and restorative communities.


Lee Rush
United States

Lee Rush, M.Ed. Lee is the Executive Director of justCommunity, Inc. a non-profit organization based in Quakertown, PA. justCommunity provides training and consultation services to communities, schools and organizations in the area of youth development, community mobilization strategies, student assistance programs and restorative practices. Lee also serves as a consultant with Designed Learning, Inc. and has studied with Designed Learning’s founder Mr. Peter Block to learn facilitative skills using A Small Group methodology. Lee is also a certified trainer for


Kerri Quinn 2
United States

Co creator of the Victim Offender Dialogue program in Colorado, lecturer at Univ of Colorado and Creighton University Law School, practitioner with over 1000 cases, Kerri has studied extensively the dynamics of interpersonal conflict and the impact of language and trauma in restorative practices.


Kerri Quinn
United States

Trauma Responsive Restorative Communication: Understanding the impact of trauma and language when facilitating restorative practices./U.S./Colorado Restorative Justice


Anna de Paula

I am a public prosecutor in Brazil. In Brazilia, where I work, me and my team have developed special attention to crime victims using peace making circles.


Fiona Landon
New Zealand

RJ facilitator over 20 years experience. Founder and senior facilitator for Project Restore NZ – 15 years plus experience Using RJ processes for sexual harm. Assessor for facilitator accreditation.


Urvashi Tilak

Urvashi Tilak is the Director of the Restorative Justice Team at Counsel to Secure Justice (CSJ). She oversees the implementation of restorative justice work and practices of the organisation. Kshipra Marathe is the counsellor in the restorative justice team and works with children who cause harm. CSJ, a non-profit based in India, serves and supports individuals and communities that have experienced trauma to ensure they are safe, heard, and receive true healing and justice.


Lisa Rea

President and founder of Restorative Justice International and former president of The Justice & Reconciliation Project. Victims-driven restorative justice, public policy and restorative justice, wrongful convictions & RJ


Dr Razwana Begum

Razwana is the Head of the Public Safety and Security Programme at Singapore University of Social Sciences. She has 20 years of experiences working with the criminal justice in Singapore. Razwana has been promoting restorative justice practices in various contexts. Her latest research interest is on the use of restorative justice in commercial organisations.


Miriam Attias

Miriam Attias (Finland/Suomi) is an independent mediator, researcher, trainer and consultant in community and neighbourhood conflicts and workplace disputes. Her areas of interest and expertise are identity- and intergroup conflicts and depolarisation strategies.


Fania Davis

Civil rights trial lawyer for 27 years. Restorative Justice writer, practitioner 17 years. Specializing in intersections of racial justice, indigeneity and restorative justice,


Dr. Muhammad Asadullah

Dr. Muhammad Asadullah is an Assistant Professor at the University of Regina’s Department of Justice Studies. Prior to joining UofR, he taught at Simon Fraser University, the University of the Fraser Valley, and Kwantlen Polytechnic University. He completed his PhD as well as a Masters in Criminology from Simon Fraser University, Canada. He also holds a Masters in Conflict Transformation from Eastern Mennonite University, USA. He is the recipient of multiple awards and scholarships, including Neekaneewak Indigenous Leadership Awards.


Dr Anamaria Oprea
United Kingdom

Dr Anamaria Oprea (nee Szabo) is Senior Lecturer in Social Work at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. She has a keen interest in how restorative justice is transferred and transferable at principle and practice levels across various domains, including criminal justice, youth justice, and social care. Dr Oprea is a trained mediator and has research experience in the accessibility and initiation of restorative justice processes. She is leading on a restorative justice module taught at DMU to undergraduate criminology students.


Annemieke Wolthuis

I am an independent researcher, trainer and mediator in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I am affiliated with Restorative Justice Nederland. I also start working as a parttime juvenile judge in Rotterdam. I am a member of the editorial committee of the Dutch/Flemish Journal on RJ and the vice chair of the European Forum for Restorative Justice.



Graziella Fourez studied law and political science. After an experience with Avocats Sans Frontières, she worked as a lawyer for 3 years. In January 2017, she started a PhD in law at Saint-Louis University (Brussels). Her doctoral research aims to examine the opportunity to resort to restorative justice in view of responding to the needs of direct and indirect victims of violent extremism.


Kristy Elliot

Kristy Elliott holds a Bachelor of Teaching, is founder and director of Restorative Pathways and is currently working towards a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology. Kristy is a passionate, experienced and engaging presenter having worked with schools for two decades as a teacher, a consultant and trainer in field of restorative practice and more recently positive education and leadership.

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Dr Colleen Pawlychka

Dr. Colleen Pawlychka is a faculty member in Criminology at Douglas College, in B.C., Canada. Her areas of expertise include restorative justice and correctional practice, and she is an advocate of trauma-informed correctional care. Her practical experience includes facilitation of experiential conflict resolution workshops and weekly restorative justice circles in a Canadian federal prison. Her teaching bridges the gap between community and prisoners, providing criminology students and those who have experienced prison with opportunities to learn directly from one another.


Aurélie Stoll

Aurelie Stoll, assistant and researcher in Criminology at the Lausanne University, Switzerland. After her studies at the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne (Bachelor in economic and social sciences and Master in criminology and security), she worked for almost six years as a social worker and probation agent in Switzerland. Her main fields of research are desistance from crime and intervention to encourage conventionnal life among adults and children in conflict with the law in occidental and non occidental contexts.


Dr Claudia Campistol Mas

Claudia Campistol holds a PhD. in Criminology from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. After her studies at the University of Barcelona (M.A. Psychology), she worked for four years in the juvenile justice department of Catalonia, Spain. She has been employed for the past seven years as a researcher and assistant at the University of Lausanne. Claudia has been working for the past eight years and is currently working as a collaborator teacher in juvenile delinquency and juvenile justice at the


Frauke Petzold

I am a RJ practitioner since 1992, employed at WAAGE Hannover e.V., Germany. Areas of experience are mainly Victim-Offender-Mediation for adults with a main focus on Domestic Violence. I am also a mediator in family and workplace conflicts. Since about 20 years, I am a trainer for RJ and mediation and a supervisor in the field of RJ and Mediation. From 2002 to 2008 I was a member of the Board of the EFRJ.


Dr Brunilda Pali

Dr. Brunilda Pali is a senior researcher at the Leuven Institute of Criminology, KU Leuven, Belgium. She is currently also Secretary of the European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ). Her areas of interest are gender, critical social theory, restorative justice, cultural and critical criminology, environmental justice, and arts. Her research website is www.restorotopias.com


Geovana Fernandes

Master’s on Law (focus on RJ). Circles Facilitator. Mediator. Public Servant (Federal Justice) director of ADR’s Center


Paramjeet Kaur

Ms. Paramjeet kaur has done M.Phil. in Sociology and is currently working on a research project on ‘Sex Offenders’ as research assistant under the aegis of Dr. Upneet Lalli at the Institute of Correctional Administration, Chandigarh. She has also worked on the research project ‘Quality of Life of Women Prisoners’. Her other areas of expertise are culture, gender issues, human rights etc. Seema Deswal will also be the co-presenter with her and will submit the video with Dr. Upneet Lalli.

https://youtu.be/ABlb5Nmtwok https://youtu.be/b6iZq5NRH1U

Seema Deswal

Ms. Seema Deswal, M.Phil. in Sociology is currently doing her PhD from Panjab University, Chandigarh in Sociology and working on a research project on ‘Profiling of Sex Offenders’ as research assistant under the aegis of Dr. Upneet Lalli at the Institute of Correctional Administration, Chandigarh. Her other areas of expertise includes, gender issues, correctional administration, women police etc. Ms. Paramjeet Kaur will also be the co-Presenter with her and will submit the video with Dr. Upneet Lalli.

https://youtu.be/ABlb5Nmtwok https://youtu.be/b6iZq5NRH1U

Jen Cato & Dr Lesley Campbell
New Zealand

Restorative Justice Ōtautahi’s Manager Jen Cato and Facilitators and researcher Dr Lesley Campbell, Director for Lebern and Associates consultancy. Lesley has a track record, over some 20 years, of thought, people and results leadership within New Zealand’s public service and across justice, social development and tertiary education sectors. Educated at Otago and Canterbury Universities, Lesley has a Doctor of Philosophy in public sector management; post-graduate Diploma in Social Work; and Bachelor of Arts (Honours), First Class in Social Anthropology.


Mike Hinton
New Zealand

Mike served with the New Zealand Army for twenty years, involved in training and development, he had many instructor and leadership positions. He established the Restorative Justice programme at the Manukau Urban Māori Authority (MUMA), in Auckland, New Zealand, which has been running since 1997. He held positions on the RJA executive and was also the Chairperson for Restorative Practices Aotearoa (RPA). Mike worked with MUMA for 15 years before taking on his present role as General Manager of RPA.


Christine & Mark Rutledge
New Zealand

Christine is a self employed counselor with over 25 years experience, working with Children, Young People and Adults. She has also works along side the local Restorative Justice provider bringing the Children’s perspective into the Restorative Justice conference process. Mark has been facilitating Restorative Justice conferences for 16 years employed by Nelson Restorative Justice Trust. He has both Standard and Family Harm accreditation.


Assoc. Prof. Marie Keenan

Marie Keenan is an Associate Professor at the School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, University College Dublin (2000-present) and a member of the Advisory Board of UCD’s Criminology Institute. She is an accredited psychotherapist, a restorative justice practitioner and a registered social worker. Her publications include Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church: Gender, Power and Organizational Culture, (2012), OUP; and Restorative Responses to Sexual Violence: Legal Social and Therapeutic Dimensions, (2017), Routledge (with Estelle Zinsstag (Eds).


Ailbhe Griffith

I am an advocate for victim-initiated restorative justice following my own experience of a restorative meeting with the person who offended against me in 2014. My experience in restorative justice is not professional but of a personal nature. I am passionate about it and have travelled internationally and domestically (within Ireland) advocating for its use in cases of serious violence including sexual crime. I participated in a film depicting my real-life experience entitled ‘The Meeting’ in which I play myself.


Anna Gregory
United Kingdom

Anna is a Director at The Restorative Lab – a company at the forefront of conflict transformation research and restorative practice. Anna is a dynamic facilitator with on the ground experience of leading culture change programmes. Anna provides support, training and development to communities to promote the foundational skills needed for conflict transformation. Anna uses Theatre of the Oppressed techniques to explore how research can be more participatory, visual and creative.


Clair Aldington

Clair is a creative and a restorative practitioner based in Scotland. She trained as a restorative practitioner in 2002 and combines her artmaking practice with her RJ work. From 2001-2007, she worked with Oxfordshire Youth Offending Service, England, and currently works with Space2face RJ Arts Organisation, Shetland, Scotland. Clair is in the final year of her PhD, which investigates whether a handmade gifted object can enable connections, or moments of convergence and solidarity across the space between people in RJ.


Terence Bevington
United Kingdom

I am a restorative researcher and consultant based in the UK and working internationally, specialising in education and workplace settings.


Anna Gregory
United Kingdom

Terence is Director of Conexus Conflict Consultancy, UK and is a critical and committed restorative trainer, consultant and researcher working with schools to develop their conflict competence and peace-building capacities. Anna is a Programme Director for Peacemakers – an educational charity in the UK. Anna provides support, training and development to school communities to promote the foundational skills needed for positive peace. Anna and Terence are both PhD candidates contributing to the fields of peace education in schools.


Dr Upneet Lalli

A Doctorate in Psychology and a qualified lawyer,and human rights advocate. Presently Deputy Director at Institute of Correctional Administration,Chandigarh,India. Associated with training,policy making related to prisons and custodial justice, and gender justice issues. A member of the Global Advisory Council of Restorative Justice International .Personal and professional interest in reforming the criminal justice system in India, through the development of human rights and socially just practices combined with restorative justice.

https://youtu.be/YuSdmYkszh0 https://youtu.be/d1KKumOwHQY

Dr Raquel Tiveron

My name is Raquel Tiveron and I´ve been working as a prosecutor in Brazil for 15 years. Along all those years, I applied Restorative Justice Practices in many criminal cases, which I´d like to share worldwide. I have a PhD degree in law and I work also as a graduation teacher at Uniceub, the biggest law university in Brasília (the capital of Brazil), where I teach Restorative Practice and Criminal Law to our students.


Tim Chapman
Northern Ireland

Tim Chapman lectured for 10 years at Ulster University on the Masters in Restorative Practices. He has trained hundreds of people from criminal justice, schools, social work and civil society agencies to become restorative practitioners. He has published widely on restorative justice and has conducted significant research on restorative justice and intercultural conflict. He has delivered training in restorative justice throughout the world, most recently for the UNODC. He is chair of the European Forum for Restorative Justice.


Dr Belinda Hopkins
United Kingdom

I founded Transforming Conflict, National Centre for Restorative Approaches in Youth and Community Settings 25 years ago. I am a restorative practitioner, a trainer and consultant, and a published author. I pioneered the concept of a whole-school restorative approach across the UK in the early 2000’s. Transforming Conflict now also works with staff in children’s residential care, youth organisations and community care. I have been on the EFRJ Values and Principles Working Party and is currently on their Training Committee.


Pia Slögs

Lawyer Pia Slögs is the director of community mediation centre in Finland. She is a restorative trainer and mediator. She has completed her studies on restrorative justice at Univ Hull, UK. She has worked earlier at victim-offender mediation services for 15 years. Pia is a co-trainer in VERSO-programme especially in Swedish spoken schools in Finland.


Dr Maija Gellin

Dr Maija Gellin is the director of the programme for restorative approach in education and schools (VERSO-programme) in Finland. She has also worked as a mediation officer under the victim-offender mediation service. She is giving lectures on restorative approach at Univ Helsinki and Univ Lapland as well as in many institutions in Finland and other countries. She is a board member of Finnish Forum for Mediation and a member of Finnish women peace builder’s group and Nordic mediation researcher’s group.


Dr Rodrigo Rodrigues Dias

PhD in Law from the University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos (Unisinos), Master in Social Sciences from the State University of Western Paraná (Unioeste), graduated in Law from the University of São Paulo (USP). Titular judge of the Court of Childhood and Youth and Annexes of the District of Toledo / PR and coordinator of the Judicial Center for Conflict and Citizenship (Cejusc)where are developed ADR’s method, specially RJ and mediation.


Paulo Moratelli
  Psychologist, International Delegate for Brazil of the Sociedad Científica de Justicia Restaurativa (Spain), Member of the Global Advisory Council of Restorative Justice International (USA), and Executive Director of Coonozco. Independent lecturer and instructor of Restorative Justice, Transformative Justice, Transformative Circles (a method he developed), and Peacemaking Circles, a method in which he was certified as an instructor by Kay Pranis in 2012.
Marta Sá Rebelo & Laura Hein
Portugal / Belgium

Marta Sá Rebelo: Ph.D. researcher at Católica Global School of Law in Portugal (research fields: human rights and restorative justice). She is a teaching assistant at the Portuguese Catholic University and a prison volunteer worker. Laura Hein is an Italian PhD student and teaching assistant at KU Leuven, Belgium (research areas: transitional justice and forced displacement). She works as a policy officer for the European Forum for Restorative Justice and has extended professional experience in the field of human rights.


Lamika Wilson

Hi my name is Lamika! I’ve been in education for over 10 years. I have a Masters in educational leadership. I have a bachelors in English Literature and Special Education. I am passionate about serving parents and students with disabilities. I am dedicated in assisting and serving victims of crimes. As I have been victimized. My goal is to advocate for our most vulnerable population and high priority citizens.


Joakim Hope Soltveit & Miriam Attias

Joakim Hope Soltveit (Norway) is a senior adviser in the Norwegian National Mediation Service, Konfliktraadet. He is a lay mediator, trainer for mediators and expert in restorative justice in cases of youths and restorative justice in cases of violent extremism and hate crime. Miriam Attias (Finland) is an independent mediator, researcher, trainer and consultant in community and neighbourhood conflicts and workplace disputes. Her areas of interest and expertise are identity- and intergroup conflicts and depolarisation strategies.


Dr Aarne Kinnunen

Dr. Aarne Kinnunen is holding a post of a Senior Ministerial Advisor in the Department of Criminal Policy and Criminal Justice in the Ministry of Justice in Finland. He has a long experience in developing crime prevention, anti-corruption and restorative justice measures in Finland. He is holding a PhD in Social Sciences and has been nominated as an Adjunct Professor to the University of Eastern Finland.


Adam Voigt

I’m a former School Principal who has spent the last 8 years as the CEO of Real Schools. I partner with schools to build strong, relational and sustainable cultures through Restorative Practices. I speak widely in the media and am the Education Expert for Channel 10’s ‘The Project’ and I’m a regular columnist for major newspapers in Australia. In just a few weeks, my book ‘Restoring Teaching’ will be released.


Eric Rainey
United States

After 21 years in education, training and coaching was a natural progression for Eric, combining the powerful concepts of restorative practices and his natural leadership ability has proven to be a dynamic and results driven endeavor. His training and coaching has been described as “powerful”, “insightful”, “passionate” “educational”, and “inspiring”. Eric’s sincere desire to serve others and positively impact those he encounters is refreshing and evident to those who experience him.


Mark Goodwin
United Kingdom

I am a UK freelance teacher, trainer & coach with 20 years experience working across phases in a number of schools. I currently work in Alternative Provision with kids who are permanently excluded from school or at risk of exclusion, delivering a solutions focused coaching programme alongside key curriculum. I also work to prevent kids being excluded by training staff in restorative and relational teaching approaches. My work has been published in the TES & the Chartered College Impact magazine.


Prof. Ivo Aertsen

Ivo Aertsen is Emeritus Professor of Criminology at the University of Leuven (Belgium). He holds degrees of psychology, law and criminology from the same university. At the Leuven Institute of Criminology (LINC) he has been leading the Research Line on ‘Restorative Justice and Victimology’. He was the first chair of the European Forum for Restorative Justice, from 2000-2004, and coordinated various European research projects in the field of restorative justice. He is Editor-in-Chief of ‘The International Journal of Restorative Justice’.


Gema Varona

Lecturer in Victimology and Criminal Policy at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and senior researcher at the Basque Institute of Criminology (Donostia/San Sebastian, Spain). Current coordinator of the UPV/EHU MOOC on Victimology, and co-director of the Master in Victimology of that University, she is also the co-editor of the Journal of Victimology/Revista de Victimología. She has authored books and articles on migration and human rights, restorative justice, violence against women, victims of terrorism, and victims of sexual abuse.


Osariemen Omoruyi

Osariemen Omoruyi is a restorative justice advocate in Nigeria with special interest in peace building, prison reform, social innovation, human rights, juvenile justice reform and the rule of law. She is currently leading the movement known as Restorative Justice for Africa (REJA), a non-governmental organization that gives Restorative Justice a voice in Nigeria.


Anooj Bhandari
United States

Anooj Bhandari is a transformative justice practitioner focusing on the relationship between the intimacy of creative expression in communities and the abolition of retributive tactics across and between boundaries and borders. His work is largely based in the United States but has worked on Restorative Justice related projects around the globe, including youth justice programs in India and Thailand. He has worked as the Restorative Justice Coordinator with Make the Road NY, and is a performer with the NY Neo-Futurists.


Claudia Christen-Schneider

Claudia Christen-Schneider holds an MSc in criminology and criminal justice from the University of Portsmouth, England, and studied Restorative Justice at SFU in Canada. She’s also a certified mediator and the founder and president of the Swiss RJ Forum. She’s very active in promoting, developing and implementing restorative justice in Switzerland and also involved in the EFRJ’s values & standards committee.


Dr Ian Marder

Dr. Ian D. Marder is Lecturer in Criminology at Maynooth University Department of Law (Ireland). His Ph.D., from the University of Leeds, focused on the institutionalization of restorative justice in the police. In 2017/18, he worked for the Council of Europe to draft a new Recommendation concerning restorative justice in criminal matters. Now, he works with governments and criminal justice agencies to support the development and implementation of restorative justice.


Rick Kelly & Symone Walters

Symone and Rick met thru George Brown College in Canada; she as a student and he as a professor in the Child and Youth Practitioner program, Their bonds were forged thru their passion for restorative practices. This was enhanced thru her project work in the Social Innovation Hub. This continued on beyond graduation. Both have developed their own social enterprises. Her’s is named “Towards a Higher Journey” – T.A.H.J.” and his is named “Just Us: A Centre for Restorative Practices”.


Arti Mohan

I work in New Delhi, India with a non-profit, Counsel to Secure Justice as Restorative Justice Program Officer. We are working on implementing a pilot restorative justice project for children in conflict with law.


Tāne Houston
New Zealand

Kia Ora my name is Tāne Wiremu Houston and I am from Aotearoa. I am a Restorative Justice facilitator in my region of Taranaki working with adults. I am employed by a trust who I feel are setting the standard for the Restorative process in our country. My interest in this programme is based on an excitement I feel in being apart of what could become a gateway to healthy, resorative conversations at a global, unified level.


Leaf Seligman
United States

writer, clergy, college instructor, former jail chaplain, AVP in prisons, Nonviolent Communication and some training in trauma, RJ practitioner/USA/ currently teach at Keene State College (Keene, NH) and work with county on RJ initiatives. Self employed writer/speaker.


Richard Dening

Richard Dening is Manager of the Adult Restorative Justice Conferencing in Queensland. He has degrees in law, peace and conflict studies, legal practice, and a Master of Conflict Management and Resolution.


David Milgaard

I am a advocate for the “PRISONER” and also the “WRONGLY CONVICTED” in Canada. I am a wrongly convicted Advisor for the IRB (working group) presently working with the Minister of Justice, David Lametti as a stakeholder in the creation of a new Independent Review Commission mandated by our Prime Minister Justine Trudeau. I speak in Universities across Canada and at Conferences that are related to the Justice Community so to speak.


Charlotte Calkin
United Kingdom

I am an Accredited practitioner & trainer with the RJC in the UK, I hold the Howard League Award for Restorative Approaches, I have a Masters from Cambridge University on Restorative Practice in Prisons, I have facilitated over 300 + rj conferences and circles, including after terrorist attacks, I have worked internationally, one of 50 RJ champions for RJC. Worked in all sectors & governmentally. Experienced speaker spoken twice with HRH Princess Anne on restorative justice. Website: www.restorativeengagementforum.com


Dr Alexa Sardina
United States

Alexa Sardina, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Criminal Justice at California State University Sacramento. Alissa Ackerman, PhD is an Assistant Professor at California State University Fullerton in the Division of Politics, Administration and Justice. Our areas of expertise are related sex crimes policy and the use of restorative practices in instances of sexual harm, specifically the use of vicarious restorative justice practices with individuals convicted of sexual offenses.


Dr Lindsey Pointer & Kathleen McGoey
United States

Dr. Lindsey Pointer is an internationally recognized expert in restorative practices education and implementation. She has a PhD in Restorative Justice from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, where she designed and implemented the Restorative University initiative. She is a former Fulbright Fellow and Rotary Global Grant recipient and has completed extensive research on restorative justice best practices. She is passionate about building more connected and caring communities. She currently lives in Colorado.


Danny Poa
New Zealand

I am a native NZ Māori and a descent of Tuhoe and Ngāti Kahungunu. I have an interest in RJ as a practitioner for several providers here in New Zealand over the last 5 years. I have a background in justice and the NGO sector. My current job is I manage an indigenous Science Research Group based in the University of Otago.


Dr Kelly Richards

I am an Associate Professor in the School of Justice at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. My research focuses on restorative justice, youth justice, sexual offending and Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA).


Lorna Dyall
New Zealand

Dr Lorna Dyall, Raewyn Bhana, and George Ngatai have been involved in supporting the implementation of restorative justice on the marae and in the community, working with judges, Court staff, Police, facilitators and community leaders working for change. Working from a kaupapa Maori paradigm addressing harm from a victim’s perspective has widened the lens to the ongoing victimization of Maori and vulnerable groups in the community. A joint presentation will be provided


Dr Sandra Pavelka & Dale Landry

Dr. Sandra Pavelka and Dale Landry previously worked with the Balanced and Restorative Justice Project funded by OJJDP, USDOJ in the late 1990s-2000s. We consulted with juvenile justice system stakeholders to develop and implement restorative justice in communities and states. Since then, we have continued our work, as restorative justice has progressed and evolved.


Mark Spain

Identifying and sharing stories of good RP practice


David Vinegrad

I work mostly as a trainer and conference facilitator in teacher education in a wide range of Australian and International Schools.


Margaret Thorsborne

Marg, Sue and Bev are the Ready4RP team. They are based in Australia and have a long and varied history implementing and supporting RP across a variety of settings and countries including Australia, US, UK, SE Asia and NZ. This has led them to develop a framework which can maximise the likelihood of implementation success.


Chris Straker

I co-founded the Hull Centre for Restorative Practice in 2007. I offer consultancy to all agencies working with young people, families and communities across the UK. I have drawn on my experience to develop training in restorative approaches to strategic leadership; I have also worked with cities on strategic, city-wide, implementation. I wrote two chapters for the recent publication by EFRJ on restorative cities. I have been a speaker at national conferences across the UK; and internationally.


Dr Sandra Pavelka

Dr. Sandra Pavelka serves as Professor and Founding Director of the Institute for Youth and Justice Studies at Florida Gulf Coast University. Dr. Pavelka previously served as Project Administrator of the Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ) Project, funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, US DOJ. She provides consultation, training and technical assistance with legislators, justice system and educational stakeholders, and victim advocates in the development and implementation of restorative justice principles, practices, legislation, policies and evaluation.


Prof. Jessica Silva

Abogada. Profesora universitaria. Facilitador e instructora de justicia restaurativa. Trabaja en el Núcleo de Asistencia a Víctimas de Violencia del Ministerio Público de Ceará in Brasil


Laura Mooiman

An American based in The Netherlands, Laura is an international educational consultant specializing in school culture, safety, and student behavior. Most recently she was the Project Director for the Wellness Program and PBIS at Napa Valley Unified School District for 10 years where all 30 schools in the district achieved the highest school climate scores in the state after implementing Restorative Practices and PBIS. www.lauramooiman.com/about


Michelle Stowe

I taught Eng & Span for 16 years and am still a teacher at heart; and now a restorative practitioner, lecturer, trainer, consultant and director of Connect RP. I support organisations and schools eager to realise their potential individually and as a community to grow restorative school communities. I facilitate on-site training and have developed a restorative e-learning platform called, Ubuntu Learning. I am passionate about moving conversations beyond ‘behaviour management’ and towards growing relational learning communities.


Dr Zulfiya Tursunova
Greensboro, NC, USA

I am an Assistant Professor and a Chairperson in the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies at Guilford College, North Carolina where I facilitate workshops on restorative justice as part of the Conflict Resolution Resource Center. I facilitated a series of workshops in Europe and North America for community leaders from 45 countries of the world on community-based peacebuilding, transitional justice, reconciliation, immigration and sanctuary spaces, food justice and human rights as countries transition to democracy.


Margot Van Sluytman

Award-winning justice activist and writer who teaches Global Citizenship, at Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario. Her life’s-work began at age sixteen when her Dad was murdered in an armed-robbery in Toronto in 1978. Since that time, she has been committed to writing, publishing, and lecturing on Sawbonna: a new model of restorative justice, resilience, and empowerment.


Prof. Claudia Lizeth Villavicencio

Facilitadora de procesos familiares, pionera en México en la implementación del círculo de sentencia restaurativo familiar, con magistrados de segunda instancia. Experiencia en la implementación de la Justicia Restaurativa a conflictos familiares, para atender el daño que el conflicto causa en el entorno familiar. He impulsado la intervención de un equipo multidisciplinario en los procesos de restauración familiar, en sede judicial, para la adecuada atención al daño en el contexto familiar. Implementación programas parcial, medianamente y totalmente Restaurativos familiares.


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