FAQ – Registration

  1. I have my Username and Password. How do I log in?

You should have received your username and password via email. Go to the login page – using a desktop computer. We recommend the Chrome browser and type in your details there.

2. I don’t have my Password can I still log in?

Yes. Some email servers block our emails but you will still be on our user list if you have purchased a ticket. Activate your account using the email that you signed up with to buy your ticket. Go to this page…
Watch this video to see the process… https://youtu.be/k25LiVlHlh0

3. I just bought my ticket. When will I get access?

Late ticket purchases are being uploaded to the site twice per day. Please wait approximately 12 hours for to receive your login information. If you do not receive your password you can

4. I don’t have a ticket yet. Can I still get one?

We will sell tickets for 2 days after the conference opening. You can purchase tickets here.

5. This conference is huge, where do I start?

  1. Check out attractions on the Keynote Stage   
  2. Browse our speaker categories  
  3. Say hello at the Chat Wall
  4. Read our articles to find out more about topic areas and plan your 10-day experience  
  5. Visit your favourite speakers pages – there’s video content, downloads and a discussion area on each page. 
  6. Many of the speakers are offering a Zoom invitation on their page. See the full Q&A schedule here. 
  7. Check the Explore page each day for new ideas and special film events and offers.
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